Thursday, March 18, 2010


One of my favorite authors is Terry Pratchett. As is my usual practice, when there is a writer I like, I tear though all of their works as quickly as I can. Mr. Pratchett is fairly prolific, so far it's been about a 10 year journey. It may well be another 10 years before I accomplish this task.

I could have read everything he's written easily in that period of time. The fact of the matter though is that at times I've been otherwise occupied. You know, vision, thought, time, monetary resources and judgement blurred by my drug of choice.

A person isn't really comfortable with a book when their main thought is when the IBI will come crashing through the window, door or ceiling. If you've forgotten who the IBI is, then you'll have to go back through past posts for that explanation.

I also have found other writers who have taken their turn in regards to my attention. Variety is the spice of life and regretfully tunnel vision on my part is limited only to crack.

Anyway, today I have decided that Mr. Pratchett may also be the greatest philosopher of our time. The reason for that is found in his book, "Thief of Time." This is not going to be a direct quote from the book, but you should get the gist of what the writer is trying to convey.

Basically it boils down to the fact that the answer as to why things happen is "Because."

Now it appears that my father, so many years ago, was much wiser than I gave him credit. His answer to those impossible questions posed to him by me was almost always, "Because." While this did cause a bit of frustration to my small inquiring mind, today it all seems to fit.

Think about it. Why does the sun rise every morning. Astronomers, physicists and various other 'experts' will give you highly technical reasons why that occurrence does indeed take place. But consider this, even after they have taken the problem and explaination to it's greatest degree of minutia, it still boils down to:


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