Monday, March 15, 2010

It's been awhile...

The weather hasn't been all that great over the weekend. So instead of getting wet and cold, I stayed warm and dry.

Trolley service is also nonexistent on Sundays. Walking to the library is kind of tough, so no bus kept me away yesterday.

No NASCAR over the weekend was a bummer, but two good books helped me pass the time. There are only a few things better than something good to read to fire up ones imagination.

I did have a doc appoint on Thursday. Learning that I could just have them bill me the co-pay allowed me to get a bit of a buzz later in the day. My regular guy was playing some sort of game so I didn't buy from him.

I have an alternate number that I used. What a mistake. There was so much cut and other crap in that shit that my Brillo was clogged with only a small hit. After re-cooking what was left, it appeared as though this stuff might have been 25% crack at best.

Live and learn.

Well, with enough smokes, food and clean clothes to get me to check time things will not be too bad.

I have thoughts of buying a computer. There is a wholesale computer place that will be opening shortly. It's not far from my home and at the very least I can check out laptops that are WiFi enabled. Than I can start checking on free WiFi areas that might be convenient to me.

Let's see how the money works out first though...

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