Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Neighbor Lent Me 20 Bucks

He stopped by after getting his script and picking up a bottle of vodka. So after drinking a few shots and eating a few percodan he asks me if I want to borrow 20 bucks.

I didn't say, "No!"

And you don't need a crystal ball or be a psychic to figure out what I did with that money.

I got hold of my regular guy and his shit was 1/2 way decent. Sometimes that's the way it works out. And sleep wasn't elusive either. The pills helped that cause.

Anyway, today is a bright sunny day. I owe my neighbor $40.00 now. I hate getting behind before my check is here, but that seems to be a talent of mine.

I wonder if he'll go for another twenty...


  1. Maybe he won't remember......
    I went to school in Erie. Gannon College, class of '74.
    Yeah, I'm old.
    It's Gannon University now.
    I went to take a look at it several years ago. What a change.
    The two apartments that I had lived in at one time or another are now parking lots.
    Memories crushed.

  2. Can't play that way, Gregory. I might really need to borrow a few bucks and then whatr if he remembers...
    BTW, you're not as old as I am. Crackheads, while mainly a bit younger, are no set age.
    One other thing, there are way too many parking lots in downtown Erie and many stand empty most of the time. And there isn't one damned movie theater within the city limits.
    Thanks for your comments!


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