Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend

The weekend was mostly quite and peaceful. No great drama was being played out in my life, but my neighbor had an unfortunate event to remember.

His minor problems aside though, the weekend proved to be productive. I did some laundry, a bit of house cleaning and also did some cooking. Nothing fancy in the culinary department but it was more flavorful than the usual fare at the Mission.

But the Mission's purpose isn't about getting 4 stars on the Zagot survey. It's about feeding people who need some nutrition in their bodies.

Sunday was a lazy day for me. I spent a day that may have closely resembled a Sunday in my "other life." It started with coffee and cigarettes in front of the TV. CBS's Sunday Morning has always been a favorite of mine. From Charles Kuralt to Charles Osgood it has always been a program that has taken me to places, shown me things or introduced me to people that I never would have experienced otherwise.

After that I putted around the kitchen, cleaning things up in preparation of later cooking adventures. After that it was NASCAR.

Hey! Where is it written that a crackhead can't be a red necked NASCAR fan? My favorite driver didn't get to finish, although my 2nd pick can in 3rd. It was a good way to waste a Sunday afternoon. And a damned sight better than spending the day self-absorbed, delusional or both after hitting a crack pipe.

After cooking spaghetti for dinner I settled in to watch the Academy Awards. I always was a fan of that show. It gave me glimpses of movies I hadn't seen and gave me an idea of what I was missing. Well, I'll start to assemble a new list of must see movies on DVD.


Some films just aren't made for a small screen.

Again, no movie theaters within the city limits of Erie, PA!

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