Friday, March 5, 2010

Write what you know.

I read a blog about writing that is published in my local newspaper's website. That would be at There has been a lot gained from following the advice of the professional writer who posts that blog. The topic this week was writing about what you know.

Needless to say, my lack of professionalism leaves a bit to be desired in how my thoughts go from my head and onto this blob..I mean blog. It would also be nice if I had a whole lot less knowledge about the subject around here.

It has been my mission though to write about things that I do know about firsthand. Through writing about the horror show existence that results in using and becoming addicted to crack perhaps someone will think twice or even three times before taking that first hit.

I do know that there are a few followers of this blog who have experienced what is being talked about here. Some are successfully recovering and I want to do nothing to trigger a return to the pipe. Even after private conversations with them and being assured they are not being triggered I feel uneasy about posting certain experiences.

I guess that stems from bad rehab experiences. At one place they used to show "trigger films" to see how we would react. These were movies that had a heavy content of drug usage. There were times my stomach was so twisted up that I was on the edge of puking.

I certainly don't want anyone to vomit on their computer monitors.

It should also be noted that I used crack within 24 hours after being discharged from most of the drug and alcohol rehabs I have attended.

Anyway, I write about a subject in the hopes that those who are curious find enough information to satisfy themselves and walk away. There is no need to make that awful journey.

Read my words. After that any person in their right mind would know that there are much more intelligent, profitable and comfortable ways to screw up their life.

As for me, I wish this blog was about fishing.

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