Saturday, April 10, 2010

Didn't get out today.

I did get out yesterday (Friday) though.

It had been over a week since being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Well, there wasn't too much sunshine and it was actually snowing a bit. But things needed to be printed, and since I don't have a printer a trip to the library was necessary.

I had some issues with my debit card as well. So a friend took me to my bank to get those problems resolved. I also got a twenty out and called the Dude. That was a waste. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Well I sort of know why I bother, which is why this blog exists as well.

After a crappy night of sleep I got up and tinkered with this virus ravaged machine for awhile. Then my alky neighbor called to see if he could stop over. Sure why not...

He shows up at my door with a pack of smokes, which is a good thing. He also is carrying a 1/2 gallon of his cheap ass vodka. That is not a good thing. Drinking and getting drunk are not my favorite activities. Getting clumsy and stupid are usually the end result. Falling and getting hurt are always a possibility. Also trying to talk my neighbor or someone else out of $20.00 for a little crack are also possible.

Well, I didn't get too drunk and I didn't get too stupid. I didn't ask for twenty dollars from him or anyone else. I did take an overly long nap though, and that messed my day up a bit.

So, no going out today. No cleaning up of the apartment. No major cooking of any kind. Just sleeping and then turning on the TV to watch NASCAR. The race was good, but my guy Mark Martin didn't win. Mark placed fourth, so things are looking up for him.

Anyway, tomorrow I do have to get out of this place.

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