Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Vaccine!

Wouldn't that be great.

A shot or a pill that would either neutralize the effects of crack or decrease the desire to use. A wonder drug to help people like me tread a healthier path. Something that might have the power to distract me from even calling the dealer.

Well that might be a bit too powerful of an outcome for the most strident anti-drug supporter.

Well, maybe not...

But a medicine that would seriously diminish the effects would be welcomed by this Crackhead. And I did to a small degree experience that effect with a medication designed for smoking cessation. Along with slightly diminished euphoric effect it did blunt some of the cravings for cocaine. That drug of course is Chantix.

I did stop smoking cigarettes while using that drug and didn't smoke for about about a year afterwards. I also did notice that cocaine cravings were a bit diminished, but not entirely. And while smoking crack wasn't as satisfactory while using Chantix, there was still a buzz.

Nonetheless the desire to use and the crack's effects were lessened.

I'm certain that studies were done to test the effects on Chantix with active crack and powder cocaine users. A GOOGLE search is certain to bring up some information in that regard. It wasn't until sometime later that a light went on that the medication had an effect on the high I was getting. Unfortunately hind site is 20/20.

Scripts for Chantix come to an end as well.

I was able to secure a thirty day supply from someone else after my 90 day course ran out. Then after perhaps another 30 days the Chantix was gone it was Crackhead City again with business as usual. Personal circumstances at that time may have done a lot to put me in drug seeking and consumption overdrive to boot. Separation, pending second divorce, boredom and no real life activities like a job will do a number on the best of "recovery" programs.

A lifetime supply of Chantix probably wouldn't have prevented that train wreck.

Considering some of the possible side effects, the manufacturer probably wouldn't recommend a dose a day for the rest of one's life either. But then again, it is about money isn't it? From user, dealer, distributor then to South American cartel and around to rehab, counseling clinics and pharmaceutical companies.


If you want more information about vaccines, click the title of the entry. It will take you to Addiction Inbox.

It's a lot more scientific than anything you'll find here.

Oh yeah, I'm back up to a pack of cigarettes a day as well...


  1. I quit cigarettes with Zyban, so I know what you're talking about. I wasn't that hot on vaccines at first--what we want is an anti-craving medication, not just a blocker. But from what I now understand, the vaccines do exert some kind of anti-craving effect. So we'll see.

    Dirk Hanson
    Addiction Inbox

  2. One can hope. I can hope.

    I do hope that if it's not ready for me, then for some other poor sucker caught on this freakin' treadmill.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I volunteer but to no avail-
    Baylor University (Houston)
    Cocaine Vaccine (google it)

  4. KC said...
    I volunteer but to no avail-

    So the vaccine was ineffective? But you don't know what group you were in? You might have been the control group given a placebo. Ask if the study is complete, they may tell you.

  5. i meant to write i volunteerd but the never got back with me..i'd probably been to od's they talked about...LOL.
    it seemed to be very effective by the results and their opinions.


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