Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Things, maybe...

Well, I may have internet service at home shortly.

No depending on a free WiFi signal that may or may not be back again. No having to travel to the library to use the computer or engage their free WiFi system. No worries about sending crap through an unsecured network and little chance of an interruption in service because of the weather.

I have someone, a friend who holds money and knows most all of my bad habits, helping me with this problem. The downside is that the service is in their name. The reason of course is that Erie Crackhead hasn't paid his outstanding balance with the cable company. He's also stiffed the phone company for that matter.

That's what crackheads do from time to time. Not the casual user who's just starting out on this cockeyed adventure. No this is the hard core, put their last twenty bucks in the crack dealer's hand rather then buy food type of crackhead. I guess, as a commenter to this blog wrote, is part of the crackhead persona.

To say that there have been others who have done worse things for a hit would be an understatement. I've seen and heard of some scary ass stuff done for a hit. Right now is not the right time to talk about that stuff. It wouldn't help anyone, except maybe to get one in trouble.

But yeah, I do owe some corporations, some large, others not so large a few bucks. So that's part of the reason I'm trying to stay "off the grid." Well, somewhat off of the grid, as I have been, as well as others, completely off everyones radar for periods of time.

So, for the time being my friend is putting cable service at my disposal but registering it in their name. It may put me in an uncomfortable situation at some time in the future. Not that I would stiff an individual. I am delinquent in paying companies but not people. Well, people other than crack dealers.

The thing that troubles me is becoming dependent on someone.

The other thing is what if my friend starts to become judgemental in regards to something that I may or perhaps may not do at sometime in the future. There are always things that can happen that make me nervous about the arrangement.

On the other side of the coin, my friend knows that I do what I do. My hope is that over the years they have come to accept me for what I am and keep it as that.

I also don't want to take advantage of anyone.

One last thing. Money is coming. Soon.

Lists have been made, or are well in the process of being made. Budgets, and what money goes where is being set up as well. I, the Erie Crackhead, am getting comfortable with some things now in his life. Yes, they are things, but they help make life a bit more manageable.

I guess getting comfortable and not wanting to lose things yet again are part of my Harm Reduction plan.

I already know how shitty life can be for a crackhead. But there can also be some balance, even with a hit here and there.

But you have to have a plan...

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