Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing's happening

That is not all bad. That is also not all good.

While life has settled down to a simple routine, my routine has been scaled back for a few different reasons. One is that getting around is not as easy as it once used to be for me. No car is not as devastating as once thought it might be for me. There is the bus and the help of friends. I also don't go out because I've gotten attached to this damned computer.

This box has allowed me to participate in Internet conversations with people who don't really know me. I really don't know them either. Message boards where short quips mark me as a sociable smart ass. Emails lists for people who are in the same shoes I'm in or worse. Trying to be helpful where possible and trying not to pass on bad advice.

I try to pass out the location of this blog to those who may benefit from what's here. I don't go all out splashing the address all over the place, but in some discreet ways to point those who might be interested in what I have to say. There are probably a few who read a bit and never come back. That's OK. If something comes up in the future, they can always return.

In many respects, I hope they never have a need.

But I'm not going to the library nearly as often as in the past. I'm not getting around downtown much either. Staying in away from the world is not a good place to be. Fresh air, sunshine, free vitamin D and interaction with the folks on the streets is good medicine for me.

Hey, and the Rib Fest is this week. That's more than a good excuse to go outside. Sample some food, maybe get a t-shirt and run into folks who thought I was no longer around. Or dead or...

I used to say that if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. Activity has a way of breeding more activity. It works in business settings as well as in one's personal life.

I haven't gotten high in a few days either.

Better is better.

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