Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unusual days.

This was an unusual day for your typical crackhead.

Well, there was at least one crackhead at a free concert of the Erie Philharmonic. There may have been others, but I was the only crackhead I was aware of at this event. Of course, performances by string quartets is not high on a crack addicts list when on a run.

Needless to say, I wasn't on a crack run.

The past few days have been a mix of boring and monotonous. That's really my fault, but sometimes it's a stretch to think of something interesting to do. Beyond sitting in front of this box and beating on the keyboard.

Actually it seems as though I've been doing less of that lately as well.

But, getting out has happened a bit more lately. Mostly by accident. Like having to go to the library because the books were due. Also going to the pharmacy to pick up scripts. Going to the food bank and picking up some stuff to eat.

Mostly stuff I'll probably give away anyway, but then again it will not go to waste.

Now for other news.

Again, two days after smoking some crack I am wondering why I even bother. I also wonder why I can't think this way when there a few extra dollars in my pocket. I see green, a switch flips and the cash goes from my hand to the drug dealer's.

So, I smoked crack on Monday, went to the library on Tuesday and listened to a string quartet on Wednesday.

This all adds up, right?


  1. i did a 20 tonight and a lil wine...i think string quartets are very cool...too bad i don't go more often.

  2. oh also a lil wine and some chicken lasagna. yum.

  3. A little variety is a good thing. I mean the concerts, not the wine, lasagna and crack. Being around people is an elixar of sorts and tends to hold me back a bit from calling the Dude.


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