Friday, July 2, 2010

I shouldn't be doing this..

You see I am high as a kite.

Little of the MM and the thoughts get rolling. Now mind you that I am fucked up right now. Whacked and really even not seeing quite straight. I'm actually amazed that the keys are being tapped in the right order.

(Thank God for spell check.)

But as I said I'm high. No question about that. The reason, as stupid as it might seem to you, is quite frankly I want to read this a week, or a month or even a year from now. It's that important to me that I know what ever it is I'm experiencing at this moment. The now, so to speak.

This all is an attempt to rationalize or not my substitution attempts from crack to weed. Is it all for the better? Or is it something to really re-exam. I'm not sure because in all truthfulness I'm feeling really good right now, another part of me is scared. As in chicken shit mother fucker about this whole thing.

And as a guinea pig of sorts, of my own making, I'll see how this test works out.

OK...Gimme' a break.

I'm am REALLY am high as a freakin' kite.


Wow! It's been an hour since typing in OK! Company came by and I couldn't ignore guests. But this is worth remembering.

I think...


  1. You crack me up! ( sorry, inappropriate pun) Really, you worry about your diet because of diabetes. Don't worry about it. man. your liver is going to be history l o n g before the diabetes will ever affect you.
    This is what happens when you look into the crack mirror: not your real image but the happy, high illusion that worries about his blood sugar level.

  2. Wollhexe is a person who happens to know , at least my real name. She is also right in a certain respect. I worry about insignificant things at times and miss the big picture. I also am pretty sure that posting to this blog after smoking some weed is now definitely out of the question. But again, the purpose of that post was to remind myself where I was at after imbibing. But it should be pointed out that the Erie Crackhead is not always high on crack(not anywhere near where he was, thank goodness), is not always stond on weed, is not alway getting drunk with his neighbor or eating vicoden or percasets either. But the Erie Crackhead is a human who like many others has his priorities all screwed up at times.

    How about you?

  3. How about you?

    You know what is funny.......we are from 2 different addictions and yet there are so many similar themes. I am certain as you posted before that I may pass you by on the street without paying you a 2nd thought. I have to honestly say though.....I try not to be like that. At any rate, thank you for keeping this blog, please continue to write. I go past locations you talk about on my errands and I always look for you, even though I have no idea what you look like, an older man with a well my are not far from my thoughts. Thanks.....SM2

  4. SM2...
    Yes, we may well have passed on the street. And if you are a long time resident of our fine city, you know all too well that 6 degrees of separation is probably only 3 or 4 at most around here. With that said, be nice to all the old goats you see hobbling around downtown. Not because one of them might be me, but because they all are people with sometimes interesting stories to tell if you just let them...
    And thanks for your kind words...EC


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