Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing of any note occurred.

So far as it goes it has been nearly normal in may regards.

Did I smoke crack? Yes, I did. Did I get money put away? Yes to that as well. As a matter of fact, bit more was put away this month than in previous months. $100.00 more is $100.00 not spent with the Crack Man.

The usual challenges that face me on a daily basis are still there to be dealt with. Cleaning, laundry, getting groceries from the market as well as from the food pantries still need to done. Getting to the library, which I used to do on almost a daily basis, is now a once a week trip.

This virus ridden computer is part of what keeps me in to a certain degree, but other issues have kept me from traveling outside as much as before. Both matters concerning physical health as well as moderate depression keep me from reaching for the door as often as before.

In many respects things are getting better and with that I'm pleased.

Because "Better is Better."


  1. found this blog by accident. Several friends continue to combat their crack addictions and I only wish they could express themselves as well as Erie Crack Head does.

  2. Pass this blog onto them, if they still have access to the internet. Maybe it won't help them, but at least it will give them something to think about. At the very least, perhaps they will learn to use some harm reduction techniques that will at least reduce harm to those around them and hopefully to themselves.

    Talking about it, here in this blog and other places has been beneficial to a degree. Being open and honest about my use, as well reading what's been posted here in the past has helped to a great degree lessen my consumption.

    It's not zero, but there is a goal in mind.

    While still being in the "game" it is always possible that things could go down the toilet at any time. But being careful, planning to put money away and keeping crack smokers, for the most part out of my home, have at least let me see that there could well be an end to this someday.

  3. Just wondering, what is the most amount of sober days have you been able to string together?


  4. SM2 - Read the post for September 1, 2010.


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