Monday, January 10, 2011

And then there is this.

Yesterday had my neighbor Don coming over with the better part of a half gallon of vodka. I invited him to come by, knowing that he would try to get me drunk. I don't know if he fully understands how successful he was in that effort. Added to that is the fact that he did give me some of his sleep medication.

A perfect storm?

I really didn't think I would have drank as much as I put down. About 16 ounces at a minimum. Part of my reasoning at first was so I could pour some off to hold for him later. From all evidence that faced me this morning, there wasn't a drop set aside. It also looked like a tornado blew through here as well.

Clothes strewn all over, couch cushions were on the floor. The coffee table was flipped over onto the couch. End tables were on their sides and a table lamp was wounded as well. Boxes that contained summer clothes and paperwork were dumped on the floor.

In the overall scheme of things, that was minor.

I have always considered myself a mostly harmless, fun drunk.. The guy who wore the lampshade type who basically got off on making people laugh at his antics. Looking over some things that were posted online though took on a decidedly sharp and hurtful edge. And as far I can tell, it did get to the point that whatever was coming out of my mind was essentially gibberish.

The chances are that this type of behavior can and may well happen again. The thing is though, if I can say no to that wickedly bad tasting shit, it will be a lot less destructive. Gimme a few beers and a little weed and things go so much better.

Lastly, Don did stop by again tonight. We ate chicken and biscuits and I passed on taking a hit from his bottle. He wasn't too drunk and I was happy to have an excuse to cook and listen to the same stories for the 100th time.

The world and I am a lot happier for that fact.


  1. You have end tables? Wow!

  2. where's the part about you waking up with your pants down?

  3. Anonymous said:
    "You have end tables? Wow!"

    Sort of. Certainly not Ethan Allen, but they serve my purposes.

    Another Anonymous poster said:

    "where's the part about you waking up with your pants down?"

    They weren't down, but that would have added a nice touch.


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