Monday, January 17, 2011

Who says crack heads don't like football.

Well, this one does.

There really hasn't been a time when I didn't give a rat's ass who was playing on any particular Sunday. With the exception of a few really bad years, I did care who was in the playoffs and if the Steelers were in the Super Bowl, GREAT! In all honesty though, football has been one on those thin threads on reality I have held onto for more than a few years.


Well, something other than where the next hit was coming from in any event. And more real than that college football BCS baloney. So, it has been one of the things that for a few hours on a few Saturdays and Sundays and an occasional Monday night that has keep me mostly crack free.

It works to a degree so there are no complaints on my part.

With Pittsburgh's win on Saturday, a celebration of sorts was had on my part. Some get a kick out of champagne but my tastes veer off of that a bit . Big surprise there, right? Not enough to make for an all night binge, and there never really is enough. Just enough to get me sitting in the kitchen for a little while.

One other thing, I am no candidate for crackhead sainthood. I am not one of those who easily can keep it near without burning it up it as soon as possible. I did manage though to not take a hit until that game was over.

There are small victories at times beyond what is on a score board.


  1. hahaha very funny, I consider myself a crack head (well my friends too) and I like football as well, it is so exciting to watch football and to play it even better!


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