Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's been kind of hot...

Another summer when it gets sweaty around 10 in the morning and doesn't get comfortable again until 10 at night.

I have taken a few trips to the library to enjoy the air conditioning, but haven't taken any books out lately. I owe a $3.00 fine and every time I go, there isn't enough in my pocket to cover that cost. If there is, the small amount is usually going to be used for something of more immediate pleasure rather than cover past sins.

Sooner or later being blocked from using the computers or seeing a book that has to be read will have me coughing up the cash.

I did make a stop at a bar a few days ago. I lasted as long as it took to drink one beer. In the course of that short stay in this fine watering hole I was offered pills and a lollypop.

One fellow exposed his entire life by cleaning out his back pack on the bar. He was complaining that the air conditioning wasn't working all that well as he tore through his stuff, sorting out trash from things of value to himself. In some cases I think some of his treasures should have gone with the trash.

There is some stuff in this rat hole that many would just toss out in the garbage, so I should probably just be quiet.

Back at the bar, lady a few stools down from me complained about her good friend. It seems she thinks her dear pal has a serious drinking problem and is an alcoholic. This was accompanied by a lot of arm waving and finger pointing. Shortly afterwards, this sweet talking girl fell off of her stool.

And not one drop of beer was spilled.

That's was enough excitement for my $2.50 and I cruised on out of the door. Stopping in there three or four times a year provides a lot of action packed into a short span of time. Like watching an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Thankfully, it was a place where nobody knows my name.

On other fronts, crack has been scarce around here. The little bit that was consumed around check day was pretty shitty. And from what I've heard it's gotten worse. Two out of three slingers aren't answering the phone and the third has been trying to sell something that has no cocaine in it at all. So why even bother?

It's funny how some blessings come in strange ways.

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