Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been away...

I haven't been getting high either.


It's just been one of those periods where my instincts and disposition have been to stay clean. This is certainly not normal for me, but it is what it is. The quality of the shit around here is pathetic. The cost for garbage is outrageous as well.

I suspect that there is something a bit better out there somewhere but resources have been stretched. Trying to find suitable housing has taken a more important role in my life recently as well. My time at the Mission is running short and the ability to get an extension there is questionable.

The place I wanted to live has rejected me because of credit problems, but they didn't know about my crack habit. Not that that would has strengthened my case for proper housing.

Actually, my addiction would probably gotten me into one of the hobo camps by the railroad tracks. This is not the time of the year to be sleeping under the stars. While I don't consider myself any better than anyone else, some of those people are downright scary.

I may have scared someone at one time or another, but when a person has the capacity to frighten me!


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