Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Being Alone

It is not a choice that many of us like to make.

It is not a choice that we often make on our own.

Regardless, because of the fact that we are shunned by those who were once close to us, or in fact we are the ones doing the shunning, we end up alone at times that it's just not healthy to be that way.

Christmas Day brought one phone call from a sister who lives far away. That was safe for her. She didn't have to consider whether she would have to invite me to her home for that holiday. No doubt, if I lived close by she would have had me at her place without question. There would have been a mild uncomfortable factor in that, but I would not have spent the entire day by myself.

The sister that lives closer to me now wouldn't have me over if doing so would guarantee eternal salvation. Unless I brought money along and could supply her or her daughter with something material to sooth the pain of my presence. Since I have nothing for them, out of sight and out of mind is their rule for me.

New Years Eve is creeping up on us. I probably will be asleep well before the ball at Times Square begins it's ascent toward midnight.

Just as well. I'll have no one close to wish a good New Year.

Being alone isn't always a bad thing though...

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