Saturday, December 5, 2009

When bad things happen.

Now, what possibly could happen bad to a crackhead?

Yeah, right!

Nothing much on a daily basis except almost anything. I've now just discovered that I may have to go back to Texas. Nothing official, like a subpoena or anything like that yet. But it will be coming.

This all is related to a break in I had in my apartment in the Dallas area. Not that I'm looking forward to returning to that area but it might not be a bad idea to see what's happening. It also will be good to know that the thug that was behind all the BS will spend a bit of time in jail.

My heart won't be broken by that fact one little bit.

Let's face it. I was scared to death. I was threatened with being tied up and taken to an ATM to get any cash that was in my account out of the machine. My apartment was ransacked while I was pinned in a corner.

They were looking for a safe where I hide all of my money. How stupid can someone be. Crackheads don't have safes where they hide tons of cash. They blow all their available cash on crack.

Well, more on this little development as things well, develop.

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