Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Staying in the background.

I don't try to draw attention to myself. Staying in the background is more comfortable and is less risky than being the center of attention.

There are people who thrive on the spotlight, however dim and regardless of situation or circumstances. This is something that is a mystery to me, as making yourself stand out is also a recipe for trouble.

At least that is what experience has taught me.

Sometimes people have things in their background that are used against them. When they try to achieve some goal, regardless of the difficulty, there is always someone there who pulls skeletons out of the closet. The focus then is diverted from whatever good is trying to be achieved, or indeed has been achieved to other unrelated short comings.

Which brings me to my problem.

I am the Erie Crackhead. While I have been extolling the virtues of my hometown to those who follow this blog, I have come upon surmountable problems as well. Surmountable problems in that the solutions to ills in Erie are so evident that you would have to be blind to see them. yet, there must be a great many blinders being worn in this town.

I have run into this before. You see, when you're a crackhead your mind is certainly too fried to be able to understand the problem. So it stands to reason that you're most certainly incapable to develop a satisfactory solution to the situation.

I am not advocating that the problems of my hometown be turned over to crackheads, although there is a certain part of me that thinks that may be the present case. But when you look at the violence that has recently permeated this community, you have to wonder what is missing.

There is a vacuum here that has allowed certain negative elements to fill that void.

OK...I'm off of my soapbox.

Crackheads aren't allowed to get worked up over this type of stuff. If I even dared to mention a problem or a solution the first reply would be, "What does that wasted old crackhead know." I have encountered this before.

OH! I am going to ask an unrelated (sorta') question:
How many commercial movie theaters operate within the city limits (pop. approx 102,000) of Erie, PA.

I'll give you the answer in my next post.

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  1. I'm sure there is a deep sense that no one wants to hear the opinions of someone who is using crack. But that is why I am reading. To listen to your perspective. I work in the harm reduction community doing street outreach, and even though I think I am above prejudice, I know I have been ingrained with the same stigma around drug users, especially crack users, as everyone else has. So I am reading as part of my reeducation, to hear about someone else's experiences. I'm not willing to walk in your shoes to learn this, but I am willing to listen.

    So thank you for writing. There are people who want and need to hear.


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