Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Raining Today

Too wet to go out and see the world. Click the title for the current weather forecast!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I spent it indoors doing laundry. How's that for a page in the life of Erie Crackhead? Not all that glamorous at all. Just another boring day to do things that need to be done. Besides there are just so many times you can turn your underwear inside out and back again before declaring them absolutely unwearable.

New news!

I have started a new technique in Harm Reduction. It also is helpful in other areas of concern to me as well. I have started smoking weed. As a substitute for crack and to ease some of my physical ailments. It also has helped me sleep much better lately as well.

Getting a full nights sleep has been a real problem as of late.

Medical Marijuana has been helpful for problem drinkers to lower their intake. So, while alcohol isn't my problem, and I while have smoked weed and crack together, this should keep me from making that call too soon. If this isn't the answer, well we go back to the drawing board.

The pot I got is good enough to keep me immobile and amused for awhile anyway.

As in too crushed to make a call.

Last Monday, I did smoke a twenty. I would like to say it was terrible, but this time the shit was decent. There was a short period of time when I thought the IBI was going to come knocking, but that was short lived. The thing is they wouldn't of had to knock, the damned door was wide open.

Well, the screen door was locked.

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