Saturday, February 19, 2011

I learned this awhile ago.

When one finds themselves in a situation that makes them uncomfortable this technique works rather well. It's not particularly easy to do, but with practice and staying focused it will do the job. This is called DEAD. It's simple as hell and goes as follows:

Don't Defend, Explain, Argue or Deny.

If you do you're DEAD. You leave an opening for more bullshit or for a situation to deteriorate completely in a bad direction. It's not a negotiating ploy, it's an end game position.

I've used this with a great deal of success, if one wants to consider a way to get someone out of your life. It creates a clean break with whatever or whoever is causing grief or aggravation. This also may leave people with a bad feeling towards you for awhile, but time does fix that problem.

In most cases anyway.

While it may be embarrassing to admit this fact, I most likely am on the receiving end of this action. But you know what, in long run that may be the best thing for everyone involved. As a matter of fact I am doing what I can to facilitate this as well. Losing phone numbers, changing statuses and dropping "friends" on social networks. That will make it harder for me to exasperate a situation I have so many mixed feelings about.

The thing is that it really isn't all about me. There are things and people much more important involved. I'm a selfish bastard, but I'm not that selfish.

I'll go back to messing with people who have nothing more than I to lose or those that I couldn't give a rats ass about. It will also decrease the feeling of walking on eggshells as well.

For me anyway.


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