Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's so nice to get out!

So yeah, I'm at the library taping this out.

I did not rush right in here to sit in front of another damned computer right off the get go. I enjoyed the trip here. I stayed outside in front of the library just watching the people come and go. Kids on a bus from one of the charter schools are paying a visit. Moms with their little ones to pick up of return books and videos. I hope it's not just videos, but that's just me.

People on their lunch breaks, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Women wearing a little less also didn't hurt my eyes either. Certainly not summer dresses, but you could tell they were women out of their over sized coats that usually are worn this time of the year.

The homeless and mentally ill were out and about as well. For some reason the break in the weather even seemed to put a smile on their faces. This is Erie after all and even the well off or well adjusted usually have a sour look on their faces this time of the year.

It is good to get outside and away from the blanks walls and depressing atmosphere I endure most of the time. There really is no one to blame but myself for the self imposed solitude. Well, I can blame the lousy weather generally in force this time of the year, but even that shouldn't be cause for staying in my hole as much as it seems.

My other bad habit is cause for that in part.

What other bad habit?

This is my other bad habit. Sitting in front of a computer, beating on the keys or clicking a mouse for this site or that one. Clicking on YouTube tunes that strike my fancy or songs I haven't heard in awhile. I tend not to listen to the radio other than to WQLN, so I am not entirely up to date on current trends in popular music.

Frankly most of what I hear today that's current sucks anyway.

Your mileage may vary.

But this has been a good attitude adjustment. With some crap that has been going on, mostly my doing, getting around people has been a tonic. Getting away from Don has been a biggy as well. He has hit the jackpot, so to speak and now is rarely coherent most of the time. He has been throwing money at me and a neighbor, who I think threw it back at him, but gift horses like this are not to be over looked by myself.

The neighbor returned the money, I think, as they do not want to be running a private delivery and taxi service for him. Who can blame them, as they have things of their own to worry about and certainly don't need the burden Don would provide. When it comes to doing the needy act, Don makes me look like a rank amateur

I did check on him on my way out the door. He wanted me to pick up something for him at the store. The weather is decent, he could stand and not fall and he needs to get out as well. He was told he could get his own damned chocolate milk. Trust me, my intention was not to be mean as he had thrown too much money at me last night.

I hope he doesn't hold that against me the next time I work him for a few bucks. Now to find a dude who'll answer his phone.

Time is running out here so the return trup awakes.

It's so nice to get out!


  1. And while you contemplating your life, think of me with three 18 year old males in my house tonight. All night. There will be no sleep in Hooterville!

  2. Anonymous #1 - Thank you! The return trip was a hoot! Although I did miss a chance to see my friend Greg.

    Anonymous #2 - Sympathy is in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis. I suggest you take something strong and let them have some fun. I'm sure they will pretty much clean up the evidence before you wake up...

  3. #1 and # 2 are one and trhe same. Thanks. I read them the riot act.
    Have a good night.

  4. And while some of your comments are welcome, or at least thought provoking, this ain't the place for a dialogue.

    Sorta' kinda' your words.

  5. Yes, sorry, I know that. No more!


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