Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right,, wrong or otherwise...

This is how I am going to do this...

I have at least one more post to this blog to do yet. It concerns some things I've discovered in the stats. In particular, questions raised in search terms some have used to get to this blog. Some of which I find amusing and others that are indeed disturbing.

But that's not what is going to be addressed right now.

I will be making no more entries after March 1st in this public place. A private blog will be set up with the possibility of those with sincere a interest to be allowed to view and comment on. I'm bouncing back and forth on that but writing about what I know and what I feel has helped me to a degree. There have indeed been comments in this blog that have given me food for thought and have helped immeasurably.

Not all feedback has been ignored.

In the seventeen months that this blog has been in existence there have been over 10,000 views. Not a lot by internet standards, as there is a particularly narrow focus on who might be interested in this type of material. But someone is reading it and hopefully getting something positive from what has been written here.

Or it could be one person with OCD that keeps clicking on the link.

Seriously though, the stats do point out some things that make me believe this might be required reading for a psych class. There are weird spikes in readership, when say 12 to 25 views are made all at one time. The spikes have little to do with when a new post is published, but are at regular intervals.

It also just might be the Crack Blog of the Month Club.

My hope is though perhaps there might be someone out there who can figure out the right words to say to a crackhead to make them stop and say to themselves, "Oh, fuck! Why didn't I see that myself."

There certainly those out there who will say that I just don't want to see the obvious. Then again, maybe I've gone too far.

There is also one doctoral candidate that is using at least some of this for source material for their thesis. It is entirely possible that what is in that thesis will kick my ass, but I do so want to read that paper after it's been submitted. Hopefully their submission will be well accepted and my awareness of their presence won't hurt the veracity of that thesis.

I also hope that whatever is gleaned from this personal crap publicly displayed will help them help others.

Lastly, there are those who haven't commented publicly, but have sent me private emails. I guess those were the ones who really got what I was trying to do here. People in my shoes or with someone close to them with similar problems in their lives. I'm crossing my fingers for all of us.

With all that said, the blog as published to March 1, 2011 will stay online. Comments will be shut down and I will no longer make a spectacle of myself and others here.

Well, not here anyways...

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