Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This has me a bit twisted up

Crack smokers are more likely to die from violence than from any other cause. Click on the title to see what I mean.

I have no statistics to back that claim. There probably isn't a study that reveals the odds of getting the living shit knocked out of you or killed if you follow this lifestyle. The threat of violence is always a possibility from any number of sources. I've seen it, endured it and have seen some of the aftermath.

Do you have any idea how huge the hole looks at the end of a barrel of a gun when it's pointed at your face? I don't advise further investigation in that regard.

I have had my home invaded by drug dealers who became their own best customers. I've seen women smacked around because they owed a dealer as little as ten dollars. I have seen people beat in my home because I spent money with the wrong dealer. I've robbed dealers for their money and drugs.

Big mistake.

There have been plenty of times I've seen the results of people getting jacked on the street. Regardless of the success of who ever was trying to rob them or me, there are always a few bruises.

There have been cases where I was attacked because I had enough and just wanted to take a break. Staying up for 5 days or more makes people act a bit strange. Throw crack into the equation and it can get real spooky. Irrational behavior is an understatement.

I have had moments myself, but self control or thinking it through or just plain exhaustion have saved me from serious consequences. Sometimes coming down sharpens ones ability to persuade or hustle or scam to get what they want. I now tend to go in that direction rather than the physical. Because of some limitations I'm more of a cerebral type of crackhead.

Yeah, right.

So now, I limit whats available for partying and am choosy in who is allowed into my home. That's no guarantee that things won't go south at some point in time, but I do what I can to lessen any negative impact on me or my guests. I also allow only one person at a time.

More on that in a future post, but I've had the rat bastards even steal my toilet paper.

The murder of that poor woman in Lake City is just one more example of what becomes to some of us. I can only speculate, but an educated guess from my perspective is her boyfriend didn't think the party was over just because there was no more dope on the table. She probably had had enough or didn't want to spend any more money.

The news reports say that they were on a binge, he strangled and then slashed his girlfriend's throat and grabbed her ATM card. He got $300.00, probably the maximum the machine would spit out or the balance in her account and bought more crack. From the timing of the death of his girlfriend until he called his mother and turned himself in, he wasn't quitting until all that shit was puffed up.

But that drug, the lifestyle and all the insanity that comes along with it claimed two more victims. One who thought she was safe with her boyfriend, doing a bit of end of the month partying and ending up dead. The other who wasn't ready to end the party and will spend a lot of his life in prison.

The sorry fact in this all is this, it's just dope.


  1. You're a wise man, erie.
    it's not just dope. it's about judgement calls as well as being in or out of the right or wrong places at appropriate times with appopriate people. be safe xo GM

  2. Crackhead...lets get coffee sometime....you are honest and keep it real - I respect that.....

  3. GM - Thank you. In reality judgment, wisdom if any is possessed along with right and wrong people and places all go out the window after that first hit. That's why I try to place limits on myself ahead of time. Someday I may be able to say no entirely, but I'm not there yet.

    Anonymous - Yeah.

    MercyIsGood - Thank you. Maybe someday that could happen, but for now I am just EC. That is part of what allows me to express without many reservations what crack and the lifestyle is all about to me and to those in my shoes. BTW, do I owe you money?

  4. I have a 21 year old client who looks 12, married to a 48 year old man who spent 18 of the last 22 years in prison, not for crack, but the crimes he committed on crack. I don't see a good outcome.

    And lately I've seen the tell tale burn marks on her lips.

  5. Ray - Check out her fingers, in particular the thumbs. I once bought crack from an unfamiliar source and the first thing they did was ask to see my hands.

    I passed the test.


    Other physical signs you might notice are here.

  6. Crackhead: no, you don't owe me money! we have never met. Just wanted to bless you in some small way (that wouldn't help u be able to make a purchase).....I'm sure you get bad judgment all the time. I just wanted to show some kindness.....

  7. Mercy - I was making a small joke. And your kindness is appreciated.


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