Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yes, it is Sunday all day.

It's raining, but that hasn't been a factor in my going out or not. Well, actually when it's raining my physical self is better prepared than my mental self. I can't do the "Old Soft Shoe" but I am getting around here a lot better than at some other times.

But I will be getting out for a little bit. A church, not too far from me is having it's monthly dinner. Mostly homeless and people who frequent the food banks are present. Some people, who I haven't seen in a while will be there. I'll say HI! to those I know and maybe engage in some small talk. It all depends on who actually shows up.

Maybe my old high school buddy and his wife will be there.

My neighbor Don may make it, but you never know until it's time to go. He called earlier, and sounded halfway sober, but that could change in a heart beat. But he's still alive. One of these days, if he keeps that shit up, I gonna' find him stiff as a board. The other option is I might find him flopping around like a fish. Neither picture is pretty.

The problem is that I'm pretty sure I know what he's doing.

The MM experiment is going along, but I did get a 20 yesterday. It was again a waste of money and time. Waiting 3 hours for the dude to show up didn't help, but waiting is part of the deal. I ended up smoking a half joint then going to bed early.

What an exciting life a crackhead has.


  1. ERIE! The baclufen is working man! I am on day 4-its been forever since i made it through a friday AND saturday night. The HAMS is (your suggestion) is a nice way to plan and the money isn't there either....all GOOD ON YA MATE! the side effe3cts and stuff i will email. The topamax is start to work VERY WELL but the side effects were very "difficult." I will post what is working if that is ok and the side effects and thoughts as well. i need to transcribe the notebook. It's hard to type sometimes and well one of the baclufen side effects for me is non-stop talking - i was given a "rest of the day off" sentence at work because they are not quite as used to aperson changing as fast as i have in the past three weeks. so one of the side effects is getting in trouble with "authoritarian-types."

  2. oh sorry. my post above isn't kids are bugging me. I will amend all later...but thought you'd like to hear some really GREAT NEWS!
    maybe i'll write a book with your help and orange and others and then steal the copyright and then get some babes at some mtgs and go around telling everyone about my hotflashes...and tell how it works!
    LOL :-P

  3. KC!
    That is great news! Let me know how this all turns out. But don't rush with any judgement one way or the other. Keep a positive attitude, but don't get disappointed if things get tough...
    Most of those meds take 20 to 30 days to achieve full effect. And just for grins, squirrel your money away to give an extra layer of protection.


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