Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday!

And in actuality it's just another day to me.

I survived, I have money in a safe place and I didn't get shot, overdose or get arrested. Yes, I did get high and yes, I did get ripped off as well. That's part of the deal when you're a crackhead. Sometimes I forget that if you deal with someone who smokes crack or deals crack you stand a chance of getting ripped off.

I think I should reread some of what's been previously posted here more often.

To add insult to injury the crack was crap. It's holiday, end of the month, checks are out crack. That means that it's cut to the point that you really have more soda than cocaine. People have money, have time off of work and they want to party. Dealers want to make as much as they can make during these periods, so they stretch it as much as possible.

The shits so bad that the dealers might not even be arrested for possession if they were caught.

But, I'm not broke.

I have things to do which are closer to what "normal" people do on a holiday weekend. I also plan to make some purchases that will improve my "quality of life." Damn, that's a departure from my previous behaviors. Things are not perfect but things are improving slowly.

So I repeat my mantra. Not my slogan, but my mantra: Better is Better.

You're damned right it is!

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